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Bullying, The, And Who Might Be Affected And Why

A national concern in various communities, across the globe and has come to the forefront is the term â€Å"bullying†. It seems that everywhere on the news you see an incidence relating to bullying. There are organizations that are looking into solutions to combat this epidemic problem whether it may be through implementing training programs in schools or through the legal system. Seems like everyone is being bullied nowadays whether it be in schools, workplace, gays, lesbians, children, adult, transgender youth, LGBT community, everyone seems to be affected in some way or another. I am going to try to tackle this issue specifically â€Å"workplace bullying† and who might be affected and why? Workplace bullying by definition is and I quote â€Å"a†¦show more content†¦Bullying also involves repeated acts of attack against one creating an on-going pattern of negative behavior. Bullying can be instigated by your co-workers, supervisors, managers, friends, acquaintances etc. The source of bullying is an external problem. The bully targets how to harm individuals. ( There have been some scientific studies and/or surveys suggest that workplace bullying is a well known epidemic problem in the American Workforce. Studies suggested that from 2007 and 2008 that more than 1,000 adults confirmed that 45 % reported that they have indeed worked for an abusive boss or co-worker. Also, in September of 2007 a poll suggested that 37% American Workers or 54 million employees reported that they have been bullied at work. Bullying affects nearly half or 49 % of full and part time employees in America or an estimated 71.5% million workers. With this in mind, there was a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management or (SHRM) and the Ethics Resource Center that a 3rd of HR professionals or 32% have reported observing some form of misconduct regarding workplace bullying. HR also indicated that this violated their company’s ethnic’s standards, policies and procedures etc. (Daniel. T. 1-30) There have been some instances and situations where there are employees have been bullied by their peers rather than their

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How Mediation Can Improve Our Awareness - 2182 Words

All We Have is the Here and Now As you read this, are you truly aware of yourself reading? We read the words typed here and there is a voice in our mind that seems to form the words there as if they exist not only on this paper, but in our head as well. But how often is it that we truly think of this voice, and then to take it a step farther, how often are we aware of ourselves hearing that voice? If we believe we are the person that is speaking, who is it that is listening? These are the questions that possess the capability to unlock our potential as conscious beings. So often we go through our days completely unaware of our own selves. Unaware of our intense connection with the world around us, and everyone we meet. It is in the practice of becoming aware of our own selves, thoughts, feelings, and life force itself that we can become happier people. Mediation is the tool we can use to improve our awareness and thus make our lives more meaningful. It has many different benefits that have been explored beyond phi losophical discussion, and many scientists have provided tests and research that shows meditation is able to benefit our brains in numerous ways. To clarify what I mean I will define meditation. It is the process of turning your attention to a single point of reference; it involves focusing on the present moment. (Moore et al 2009) Despite there being countless forms of meditation, it falls into the following general categories: practice of mindfulness,Show MoreRelatedAwareness, Pain And Growth, And Success And Failure1510 Words   |  7 Pagesand growth, and success and failure. I enrolled in this class in the hope that mindfulness and awareness would help me navigate the tough times that I will face throughout my life. It was the hope that literature, practices, and great teachers would help me better develop a stronger sense of awareness in my mind. I am happy to report that there has been positive growth in my own life regarding awareness and behavior tendencies. Despite the positive growth that I have experienced this semester, manyRead MoreThe Effects Of Violence On Public Health Policy Essay1747 Words   |  7 PagesV iolence compromises physical health and threatens the safety of our communities (Public health policy paper). In our nation violence continues to cause premature death, disability and injury yet there are insufficient efforts to prevent it (Public health policy paper). Currently, our interventions to prevent violence occur after a violent crime has occurred. The focus is to incarcerate individuals who have committed a violent crime (public health policy paper). We are failing to fix the infrastructureRead MoreMediation Between Mediation And Mediation Essay1582 Words   |  7 Pages Mediation refers to a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which the parties in a dispute meet with a neutral third-party in an effort to settle a case or reach an agreement over a dispute. The parties must recognize that the mediator is neutral and not on either parties side. The mediator attempts to help each party understand the other parties claim or concern and come to mutual agreement amongst themselves. The mediator is not the ultimate decision maker; it is the parties thatRead MoreCrime Prevention Strategies in the US1367 Words   |  6 PagesWelcome to the United States, where we have a larger number of detainees than teachers, and that must say a great deal in regards to our framework. Wrongdoing is an issue that has influenced the United States and different parts of the world since the start of time. For the United States, the equity framework utilizes discipline as a technique to diminishing wrongdoing the nation over, however would it say it is truly meeting expectations? Some might say that discipline is the best manifestationRead MoreCriticism Of Media Convergence1031 Words   |  5 Pagespermissible through digital and online communication has effected cultural change. Individuals can communicate from any part of the world, irrespective of physical and geographic barriers via an interactive digital media environment across networked ICT Devices. Thu s he suggests that new media is synonymous with digital media and therein digitisation – the translation of information into binary code, which can then be transmitted electronically – is characteristic of new mediums. Flew (2005) argues thatRead MoreWhat Is Cognitive Health?975 Words   |  4 Pagestreats and tasty comfort foods. This and many other unhealthy habits can lead to depression, anxiety and a reduced sense of self-worth. What most people do not realize is that the temptations can be lessened by having a better understanding of their brain health and its power. â€Å"Everything you are and everything you do is controlled by your brain† (Sharpbrains, 2014). Luckily, there is still hope for all of us to improve and repair our brains. Having a â€Å"Brain Healthy Lifestyle† (Bend, 2014) is madeRead MoreImprisonment And Its Effect On Society2527 Words   |  11 Pagesrecidivism rates increasing as time goes on, this has caused the overcrowding in our prison systems, which makes it even more costly. We explore imprisonment and its utility as a means of crime reduction by introducing restorative justice to enhance its effect. In restorative justice, the response to crime involves victims, offenders, and communities, as well as criminal justice professionals. Together, these parties can engage in conversations that facilitate a mutually agreeable resolution to repairRead MoreThe Fundamental Goal Of Buddhism1543 Words   |  7 Pagesand how it can be overcome. In Buddhist doctrine, the key to overcoming suffering is to follow the Noble Eightfold Path. The first step of the Eightfold Path is to see the world in the right way.1 Seeing the world in the right view is the key to understanding and relieving suffering. The fundamental goal of Buddhism is to follow the Eightfold path to reach a state of nirvana, or peace of mind. The state of nirvana is the symbol of a healthy mind. To begin, it is important to understand how BuddhismRead MoreThe Effects Of Mindfulness On The Mind On Present Experience2253 Words   |  10 Pagesa way to cultivate well-being in our minds, in our bodies, and even in our relationships with each other (Kornfield, 2008). Researchers has taken note of these suggestions and a number of investigators have focused their objective lens on this form of subjective, inner focus of the mind on present experience. Evidence from these studies supports the notion that being mindful, being aware of the present moment without grasping on to judgments, does indeed improve immune function, enhance a sense ofRead MoreOutline Of An Educational Module Essay1424 Words   |  6 PagesThis report is plan to outline an educational module where an association talk about the comprehension of how to advance a superior administration quality. This is the individual report which is in view of the thoughts of how to advance a superior administration quality to the staff. This social insurance association has history of over 40 years giving solid environment to the clients. We have 10 movement chiefs working in diverse ranges, 18 human services experts, and 15 enlisted attendants. Association

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Civils rights and liberties Free Essays

Explain why conceptions civil rights or liberties (choose only one) which are supposed to be granted to all under the constitution, changed so greatly In the second half of the twentieth century. Make sure to discuss the court’s role in this shift. A civil right Is a right or privilege that represents protections by government power or things government must secure on behalf of its citizens. We will write a custom essay sample on Civils rights and liberties or any similar topic only for you Order Now Examples of civil rights are freedom of speech, press, and assembly; the right to vote; freedom from Involuntary servitude; and the right to equality In public places. Discrimination ccurs when the civil rights of an individual are denied or interfered with because of their membership In a particular group or class. Various Jurisdictions have enacted statues to prevent discrimination based on a person’s race, sex, religion, age, previous condition of servitude, physical limitation, national origin, and sexual orientation. In American history, there are so many clvll rights movements in the second half of the twentieth century and Congress enacted numerous civil rights statues. Many of these are still in force today and protect Individuals from discrimination and from the deprivation of their civil rights. If we want to talk about civil rights of America, we cannot skip a famous person, Martin Luther King. He is a great leader of human rights In American history. He makes himself reasonable to help people of Birmingham fighting against racial discrimination. For example, King says, â€Å"l am In Birmingham because injustice Is here. † In 1963, he gathered a lot of people in Washington DC and gave his famous â€Å"l have a dream† speech. He inspired his followers; passions and triggered their eagerness to listen to his solutions to unjust situations. Declared in US Constitution, every American is guaranteed civil rights. I think it was not until 1791, that the Bill of Rights was appended to the constitution, which helped clarify these rights to citizens. The famous Dawood stated that rights were eventually applied against actions of the state governments in a series of cases decide by the Supreme Court. Actually, In previous years, Supreme Court had little say in decisions being made by government. As time went on, the Supreme Court took on more responsibility and started making additional decisions, which In time helped minorities gain their civil rights. In 1954, the landmark trial Brown vs. the Board of Educauon of Topeka Kansas ruled that segregation In public education was unfair. â€Å"We conclude unanimously that in the field of public education the doctrine of Separate but equal’ has no place. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. † Many African-Americans waited to hear this quote from Chief Justice Earl Warren after many years of fighting for better educational opportunities by means of school desegregation. That decision changed American history and culture forever. Till this day, it effects our school systems and without that decision changed, who knows what could have and what could have not happened. n civils rights and liberties By ryanheinl to be granted to all under the constitution, changed so greatly in the second half of A civil right is a right or privilege that represents protections by government involuntary servitude; and the right to equality in public places. Discrimination their membership in a particular group or class . Various Jurisdictions have enacted orientation. In American history, there are so many civil rights movements in the statues. Many of these are still in force today and protect individuals from Martin Luther King. He is a great leader of human rights in American history. He discrimination. For example, King says, â€Å"l am in Birmingham because injustice is here. † In 1963, he gathered a lot of people in Washington D. C and gave his famous â€Å"l decide by the Supreme Court. Actually, in previous years, Supreme Court had little took on more responsibility and started making additional decisions, which in time Board of Education of Topeka Kansas ruled that segregation in public education was of ‘separate but equal’ has no place. How to cite Civils rights and liberties, Papers

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Frantz Fanon free essay sample

Frantz Fanon was a deeply involved and diligent philosopher who recognized the separation and relations between the oppressed and the oppressors as well as the fight for freedom. He specifically speaks on Algeria as the colonized, facing the French who were the colonizers. Fanon was writing mainly during the 1940’ s-60 when decolonization was becoming popular. Fanon was greatly involved in the decolonization struggle, and in his book The Wretched of the Earth, Fanon explains and observes the ways in which the colonized shall attempt to declare their rights from the colonizers. Fanon believed that the only way for the colonized to earn their independence, they would have to violently rebel against the colonizers. The famous movie or book series, The Hunger Games, highlights the same struggle Fanon explains between the oppressed and the oppressors. A nation called Panem consists of 12 districts of people and one ruling Capitol. At one point in their history, the oppressed people of Panem rose and violently rebelled against the Capitol; however, the Capitol overcame this challenge and overpowered the districts. Each year, as a reminder of this rebellion and a reminder of the overbearing power the Capitol has, the Capitol holds the Hunger Games. As Fanon may see it, this annual fight to the death between 24 teenagers serves as a reminder for the oppressed or colonized to â€Å"†¦remain in [their] place and not overstep its limits† (Fanon, p. 144), like they had done once before. These 12 districts are already in bad living conditions, in which they are not provided with the means to adequately provide for themselves and their families. Every instance in which they get food from the Capitol, their name is entered into the reaping one more time. Katniss Everdeen is a teen from District 12, who hunts. This is very risky, for if a member of he Capitol catches her, the punishments would be infinite. Katniss is a tribute from District 12 who volunteered herself in the spot of her younger sister, whose name was originally drawn. Katniss and Peeta, the other tribute from District 12 defy Fanon’s philosophy that violence is the necessary action in order to gain independence from the oppressor. An example from The Hunger Games when Katniss challenges the authority of the oppressor is when Rue, another young tribute, dies. In this instance usually the dead tributes are taken up into the hovercraft and forgotten about; however, here, Katniss displays her respect, care, and honor for Rue by singing to her, and once she did die, Katniss covered Rue’s body with flowers to display the respect that the Capitol does not pay. Katniss defies the uniformity of forgetting about the dead, and even in this dangerous situation in which Katniss could have easily been killed had someone found her with Rue, she remained herself and didn’t allow the colonizers to change her behavior, causing her to leave Rue. Similarly, Peeta even says to Katniss during the movie that if he is going to die, he wants to die himself, and he does not want colonizers and the Capitol to change him. Fanon would definitely agree with Katniss and Peeta’s decision to not be brainwashed and changed by the colonizers for he deems it necessary to challenge the oppression and stand up for what they believe. These games are rather disturbing in which these young teenagers are, â€Å"†¦reduced to the status of [animals]† (Fanon, p. 144). All of the tributes are personally trained and then thrown into the arena to fight for their lives. This can be seen as a violation of the UDHR right in that no one shall suffer cruel or degrading treatment, in which the tributes are suffering both. In the end of the movie, Katniss kills the last tribute, Kato, leaving her and Peeta as the dual victors from District 12. Before they begin celebrating, the Capitol diminishes the rule that was previously in place, which allowed for two winners from the same district, and returned to the original rule in which only one tribute shall be crowned victor. Neither Katniss nor Peeta gave in to the controlling and evil plans of the Capitol, which called for either of them to turn on the other, and Katniss unselfishly suggested that they both eat the poisonous Nightlock berries, leaving no victor. Here they both demonstrate great courage and passion, as they are about to eat the berries when the Capitol gives in and allows them both to be victorious. Katniss and Peeta defy that violence is necessary to gain their independence as Fanon suggests. Rather than violently fighting until one of them remains, they understand that if this were to happen the Capitol would have been pleased; however, instead Peeta and Katniss use peace and intellect to first act on what would strongly annoy the Capitol, having no winner, forcing the Capitol to have the final decision, two winners or no winners. Living under the totalitarian rule of the Capitol, participating in these games in which, the most important key to survival is to kill, Katniss and Peeta definitively defied Fanon and provided a strong, symbolic message to all of the districts and the Capitol that change was headed its way. Frantz Fanon and Mohandas Gandhi shared similar goals of gaining national independence; however, their ways of obtaining that independence were tremendously different. Gandhi’s approach for gaining independence for India was taken by a path of patience, while Fanon strived to gain independence for Algeria through violence. Fanon believed that violence was the only way to get the colonizers’ attention. â€Å"†¦Colonialism is not a machine capable of thinking, a body endowed with reason. It is naked violence and only gives in when confronted with greater violence† (Fanon, p. 46). Gandhi, on the other hand believed non-violence was to be used as duty and discipline, and strategy and goal. â€Å"But I believe that nonviolence is infinitely superior to violence†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Gandhi, p. 96) Gandhi â€Å"†¦longs for freedom from the English yoke† (Gandhi, p. 101). Gandhi believed in Satyagraha, which â€Å"does not inflict pain on the adversary,† but is â€Å"a pure soul-force,† that â€Å"burns with the flame of love† (Gandhi, p. 91). I believe that Fanon wants the same things as Gandhi wants, only towards the French. While Gandhi did not hurt anyone, he showed his passion for this independence in the protests he was involved in, and most importantly his march. Gandhi used complete nonviolence and ended up obtaining the independence he was looking for. Fanon seemed to only believe in using violence, stronger than the French were imposing already, in order to overpower the French. His passion was in his anger, not the patience Gandhi portrayed. There is a significant correlation between Fanon’s ideologies and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that is very recognizable as well. The UDHR was accepted by the United Nations in 1948 and conveys all of the rights of which human beings are entitled to around the world. The UDHR expresses its’ central law in which all men are created equal. Frantz Fanon and The Wretched of the Earth, offers a framework for the abolishment of colonial, or rather white rule. In the UDHR, Article 2 states, â€Å"Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms†¦without distinction of any kinds, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other option, national or social origin, property, birth or other status† (UDHR, p. 32). Fanon would agree with this article; however, his understanding is that, â€Å"†¦what divides this world is first and foremost what species, what race one belongs to† (Fanon, p. 144). Fanon is describing that although Article 2 explains there shall be no discrimination, we live in a world where the division of power, money and other economic resources commonly rev olve around discrimination. Fanon also believes in justified violence, meaning, if under the circumstances, a country or person be mistreated, they should be allowed to fight back with violence. Articles 4 and 5 of the UDHR state that no human shall be held in slavery and no one shall undergo torturous or degrading treatment. Once again, the UDHR has exemplified an ideal society; however, Fanon points out that the oppressors often display, â€Å"†¦racial hatred, slavery, exploitation, and above all, the bloodless genocide† (Fanon, p. 147), just as the French caused to the Algerians. Fanon would ultimately agree that the UDHR is right. It is the ideal life of a human being that the people ignore none of these rights; however, when it is encountered and these rights are ignored, necessary violence is just. In my own opinion, Frantz Fanon offers some worthy ideologies worth focusing on; however, I moreover agree with the way in which Katniss, rather than taking action using violence and simply acting on her passion, displays rebellion, because I feel it had a greater impact to The Capitol, and to the rest of the fellow oppressed as well. The main message I get from all three disciplines is simply to find a voice, whether it is through violence, non-violence, or taking action by rebelling, each discipline causes a striking moment in which the oppressor is challenged. However it may be, the oppressed needs to find their voice and take action for what they truly believe and care for.

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Evaluation of Walmart

Cost Leadership Walmart’s main business strategy focuses on building and maintaining cost leadership in the market. The company’s slogan reads, â€Å"Everyday low price†. This highlights its main focus on cost leadership. The strategy entails offering the same market products offered by rival firms at lower costs, but without compromising the quality.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Evaluation of Walmart specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Walmart manages to achieve this objective by relying on a highly efficient supply chain management that only avails products to the consumers at the right time when they need them. This eliminates additional costs that come from holding stock within the company’s premises (Schermerhorn 223). Walmart uses a sophisticated technology to interconnect its operations with those of the suppliers. In essence, information about stock levels within the company is relayed in real time. The sophisticated IT system relays the information to the suppliers immediately every time consumers purchase a commodity from the retailer. This makes it possible for the suppliers to monitor the stock-levels at any given time. Thus, restocking occurs at the opportune time just when the clients need the products and in the exact quantity. The ‘in-time’ logistics in the company has been the main reason behind its cost leadership in the market. The retailer also sells products in smaller quantities to allow its customers to pay less (Schermerhorn 223). Walmart acquires goods packed in large quantities, but it repacks them in much smaller quantities for sale at reduced prices. This sustains its â€Å"Everyday low prices† slogan. The true meaning of the slogan would not be achieved if the firm decided to sell the commodities in the large packaged quantities that it acquires from the supplier. Differentiation Strategy Walmart pursues a differen tiation strategy whose main objective is to offer products and services that are unique in the market. Although the firm is not involved in manufacturing, Walmart stocks products that are specifically packaged in branded material. The company has invested heavily in repackaging materials to enable it achieve the differentiation mission.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Additionally, Walmart offers unique warranties that other rival retailers in the market do not offer (Daft 253). This creates a unique feeling among the consumers, making them believe that the experience is only available in Walmart and not from any other retailer. Acquisition Strategy Walmart has focused its efforts on market acquisition as a way of expanding its market presence. The firm considers acquiring other already existing retailer firms in foreign markets and maintaining their original names to cope w ith the globalization phenomenon and increasing market competition among rival retailers. This is the case in most conservative markets where a foreign trade name may not augur well with the company. Walmart also considers acquiring and merging with other businesses outside the retail industry as a way of expanding its portfolio. This also helps in spreading the company’s risks evenly (Daft 255). Walmart, for instance, acquired Kosmix, which is a social mobile platform. Walmart operates under the ASDA trade name in the United Kingdom after the latter was acquired in 1999 by Walmart. Product Quality Concerns Walmart has instituted a mechanism that focuses on maintaining high product quality. All Walmart stores around the world are required to fulfill the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This GFSSI procedure calls on all food suppliers to be subjected to the factory audit checks as a way of ensuring that the products meet the desired quality. The retailer has worked togeth er with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) since 2009 as a means of developing measurement, as well as reporting systems. The target is to enhance product sustainability and eliminate problems attached to product quality. In this arrangement, TSC performs research on metrics and the reporting systems. The research, in turn, helps Walmart to engage suppliers while clearly understanding the products sold.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Evaluation of Walmart specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In recent times, however, there have been rising concerns over poor quality of products sold by Walmart. For instance, the fresh foods sold by the firm have been found to suffer from poor quality. This problem is mainly linked to another challenge being faced by the firm, the challenge of staffing and related issues (Weiss 472). Walmart’s fresh foods have only managed a low market share in comparison to other market pla yers. This could be an indicator of the worsening product quality concerns. Labor Practices Walmart has been involved in accusations with labor union bodies, religious organizations, and community groups over its labor practices and policy. The retailer was taken to court over what its accusers termed as discrimination of its staff along race and gender. Three women employees filed a sex discrimination complaint against the retailer in 2012, accusing Walmart of failing to promote them because they are women. The accusations leveled against the company also mention the fact that female employees generally earn less compared to their male counterparts (Daft 122). Workers in the firm have also accused their employer of failing to observe acceptable labor practices, resulting in poor conditions of work in the various stores owned by the retailer. Business Ethics Walmart considers ethics as the strongest aspect of its success in business. The organizational structure has an established g lobal ethics office whose main mandate is to promote its culture of integrity (Walmart para 1). The office also develops and helps in upholding the policies that relate to ethical behavior concerning all the stakeholders. Ethics education is offered on a routine basis to the employees. In this case, all workers undergoing training in the firm are subjected to consistent integrity lessons. Walmart supports a special award related to business ethics, the Integrity in Action Award, to further emphasize on the need to enhance business ethics (Walmart para 1).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The award is offered in recognition of individuals or associates of the firm who demonstrate a greater level of integrity through their consistent actions. Such recognized associates must also have inspired others to do the right thing while dealing with Walmart in one way or the other. The retailer practices integrity itself when selecting winners for the award by allowing the associates to conduct their own voluntary nominations. The resultant global votes determine the perfect recipient of the award. Walmart also takes consideration of each of the countries where the firm has a presence (Walmart para 3). Market Share The retailer has the biggest market share compared to its competitors in the USA, which is Walmart’s traditional market. Walmart’s heavy presence throughout the country and its business model that makes it stock virtually all kinds of commodities have been critical in sustaining market share leadership. On the global front, Walmart serves up to 94 milli on customers every week through its 5,651 established stores in 26 countries. However, a paltry 5.5% market share was registered in the year 2011 in China where the company is still in its early stages of development. The failure by Walmart to register a strong market share in China is attributable to the conservative nature of the Chinese. Market share growth in India has also been hampered in recent years following decisions by authorities in the country to shift foreign direct investment. The North-American market of Canada has equally posed great challenges to Walmart. The Dollarama Inc. is emerging as the fiercest competitor in the mass retail market in the rich Canadian market. Walmart trails Dollarama with the second best market share of 26%. This percentage of market share is 16 points less the share of Dollarama, which stands at 42% market dominance. Target Corp. is the third with a market share of 23% (Bloomberg News, 2012, para 1). However, Walmart’s subsidiary ASD A in the UK maintains an 18% market share, which is the second biggest in the country. Tesco still maintains the largest market share in the UK retail industry, standing at 30.2% overall (â€Å"Walmart: Update on International Markets† para 5). The African market equally has a strong Walmart presence of more than 300 stores that spread across 12 countries in the continent. Massmart, which is Walmart’s subsidiary in the region with a 51% stake ownership, has the fastest growing market rate, especially in the sub-Saharan region (â€Å"Walmart: Update on International Markets† para 6). The pie chart below depicts Walmart’s market share situation in the traditional US market. Source: Catala para 3 The chart shows that Walmart has a commanding share of more than half the market size. The second strongest competitor, Costco Wholesale Corp., does not even command a third of the market size. Advertising Strategies Walmart is adopting the use of technology in its advertising. In this strategy, the company focuses on developing a mobile app to reach its targeted markets. Shoppers using the app are able to see additional content, such as product information and the recipe. The company’s target is to reach a larger number of existing and potential buyers by exploiting the growing popularity of mobile devices as a result of the advancement in the ICT platform. The mobile app is a more interactive way of advertising because it allows the user to obtain more details about products and services. Walmart has adopted the use of popular social media platforms to create market awareness to further utilize the power of technology in its advertising. For instance, the firm has a Facebook page where a large community of customers and potential buyers meet virtually and discuss issues about their retailer. This increases market awareness because of the strong word of mouth power as customers share their experiences amongst each other. The company a lso uses the opportunity to communicate directly with individual customers while seeking to address some of the unique issues that affect them, thus learning more about the tastes and preferences of their customers. The company’s use of the social media platform in advertising also helps it to maintain its operating costs at a lower level, thus building on its competitive edge more. Evaluation of the Analysis Walmart has a greater potential of expanding in Asia and should be considered as Tech-Shield’s best choice as far as investing is concerned. Its cost leadership focus and strategy will attract more buyers in the region, resulting in higher profits. Most Asian economies are still considered as developing and have a weaker buying power compared to North America and Europe. Walmart will utilize its low price policy to attract more buyers with inferior disposable income and make the firm to benefit from the resultant economies of scale. Tech-Shield will receive a bigg er dividend rate coming from the huge profits amassed. This will be positive for the growth of the company. The low price policy pursued by Walmart has seen the company introduce a new business modality of selling products in smaller quantities. This will further attract customers towards the firm because most of them will find buying products from Walmart to be a more affordable practice. The more customers will appreciate the retailer, the more it will have its chances of making huge profits and increase the potential for Tech-Shield to get better returns. The differentiation strategy by Walmart equally increases the potential of the company to make better profits. Walmart stands a better chance to attract more customers and make higher sales than its rivals because of the increased market competition within the retail industry. Buyers increasingly feel that whatever commodity or service they purchase from Walmart is unique, thus they get attached more to the firm. The attachment increases their level of satisfaction and enhances their loyalty towards the firm. Walmart is poised to maintain high profitability for longer periods given such a positive business environment. The company can, therefore, sustain to pay attractive returns to all its shareholders for long. The acquisition strategy that is pursued by Walmart is another significant consideration that should influence Tech-Shield’s decision to invest in Walmart. Walmart is sure of expanding in the market in many other countries in the world through the acquisition approach. The experience that the company has gathered over the years through its subsequent acquisition of different retailers to gain access into new foreign markets eliminates the possibility of making over ambitious plans to a great assistance. Such successful acquisitions in high potential markets will translate to a larger market for both firms. Walmart will register bigger profit margins because of the expanded market. This will enable Tech-Shield to earn higher returns as one of the shareholders. Walmart’s future prospect is still promising, although its global market share has been threatened in some regional markets. The retailer still enjoys a strong lead in the highly lucrative US market. The US market contributes a significant profit portion to Walmart’s overall corporate profit. Walmart has maintained a strong market share position in other significant European markets, such as the UK. This portrays the company’s strong market position going forward. Going with this trend, it is appropriate to conclude that no other global retailer brand will find it easy to topple Walmart as the global leader in terms of the overall market share. Walmart’s extensive global expansion is unrivaled. This goes further to highlight Walmart’s potential of sustained industry leadership in as far as the overall market share is concerned. To this extent, a decision by Tech-Shield to invest in the company is the most strategic because of definite greater market revenue, which transforms to higher returns. Recommendation I suggest that Tech-Shield should invest in Walmart. Walmart has a positive business profile that reassures a higher return on the part of Tech-Shield. There is no present threat to Walmart’s growing global market, strong market leadership in the highly valuable US market, and the sustainable cost leadership strategy that it has implemented. This implies that the strong market leadership position that Walmart enjoys is set to prevail for long. In turn, a move by Tech-Shield to invest in Walmart will see it earn good returns for a long period. This will eventually improve Tech-Shield’s capital base. Conclusion Walmart offers the best investment alternative for Tech-Shield. The company’s cost leadership strategy gives a greater market growth assurance. The firm is capable of maintaining its operating costs at a low level compared to many of its industry rivals. This is a significant aspect in as far as building a competitive edge in the market is concerned. This will continue attracting more buyers for the company and maintaining the already existing customers. It also gives the company the confidence that profitability will remain high. The strong business ethics that focuses on maintaining integrity amongst the entire firm’s associates also gives hope for a greater business fortune for the firm. Integrity is a critical aspect that attracts customers and enables them to build strong loyalty towards the firm. Walmart will evidently reap maximum profits as it strives to enhance integrity. This will, in turn, trickle down to Tech-Shield as a shareholder. However, it is critical to note that Walmart also faces potential distractions that could derail its future ambitions in case no efforts are made to rectify them. As a shareholder in the firm, Tech-Shield should push for a renewed commitment on the part of Walmart to address the concerns of poor labor practices. Workers are significant players towards the greater performance of a firm, thus Walmart should ensure that it focuses on improving the plight of the workers before concentrating on the external customers. The firm should equally put additional measures in place to ensure quality concerns raised over its products are addressed fully. Works Cited â€Å"Walmart: Update on International Markets.† Guru Focus. 2012. Web. Catala, Raymond. Walmart Market Share Analysis, n.d. Web. Daft, Richard. New Era of Management, Mason, OH: Cengage, 2008. Print. Schermerhorn, John. Management, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2010. Print. Walmart. Home. 2013. Web. Weiss, Joseph. Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach, Mason, OH: Cengage, 2008. Print. This essay on Evaluation of Walmart was written and submitted by user Cayden Nolan to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Interview paper Essay Example

Interview paper Essay Example Interview paper Essay Interview paper Essay Interview Paper Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Interview Paper I interviewed Miss Catherine Smith, a marketing manager at a local beverage company. She has worked for the company for six years in a managerial position thus accumulating experience in decision-making. Most of the time the company looks up to her to come up with ways of improving the sales of their products that are a crucial factor in profit making. She has responsibilities such as, ensuring customer satisfaction, pricing strategies, research on market trends, coordinating recruitment of staff in her department and advertising and promotion of the company’s products. On a daily basis, she makes managerial decisions that affect the company economically and through other aspects. Being in a competitive business, she has to be careful on the kind of decisions she makes especially because her job is directly linked to the product and the consumers. The interview began with questions about my coursework and the reasons for our discussion. Having explained to her in my request for the interview, I was a bit taken aback by her inquisition of the details. I gave her a detailed summary of what I was undertaking and informed her that the interview was for my coursework. Due to her background in economic studies, she was quick to offer me a few pointers on what to major in and how to approach the job market later. Throughout the interview, she kept pausing to attend to some urgent work but resumed almost immediately. Prior to the interview, I had prepared a series of questions on a number of topics. These questions were in the form of a questionnaire. This was to guide me in the making of my final paper. The main themes were based on how the company’s strategies are affected by the decisions she makes concerning economics. Economic decisions are those that deal with financial aspects of a business and how resources are divided among different functions (Baker, 112). In this case, the decisions being made involve the allocation of resources to her marketing department. I asked about the decisions she makes regularly, what influences them and their consequences. The company’s business strategies include its future prospects, market competition, availability of resources, the business environment and the expectations of their stakeholders. According to Catherine, she makes decisions influenced by current economic status of the company, the need for profit maximization, consumer trends and market structure. Concerning the company’s economic status, she has to evaluate whether the company can be able to withstand certain decisions that require financial assistance. For instance, when she has to run an advertisement campaign, she must confirm with other relevant departments to ascertain the financial position of the company. As much as advertising helps to connect with their consumers, the resources of the company have to be considered in line with its business strategies. At all times, the company should maintain a certain level of resources that help in the running of its daily activities. In such an event, she has to consult prior to running the campaign, which involves the aspect of management planning. This way, the company benefits from her decision and the business strategy remains unaffected. However, the aim is not to affect the business strategies, it is to ensure that the actions taken by management should develop or implement these strategies often done through strategic management. Profit maximization is the main aim of the company’s operations. Almost every action taken seeks to advance the company’s profit to the highest possible level (Lantos, 60). As the marketing manager, she is tasked with this responsibility as she deals with securing a market for their products. This is not to imply that she is the sole determinant of the company’s profit, because hers is not the only department and all of them have to coordinate to achieve the goals of the company. Catherine mentioned that she makes such decisions most of the time, those that intended for maximizing profit. Having to deal with how the company’s products penetrate the market is not an easy job. It involves a lot of work, and she often requires the assistance of other departments. As one of her tasks, she determines the price of their products. This is done after a rigorous research on consumer buying trends, consumer income and the prices set by their competitors. These factors often influence how a commodity’s price is set (Hitt, Robert, 284). The price has to be put in such a way it does not cause losses, or else her decision making will be put in question. All the activities involved with price control such as the research require some money. The manger therefore drafts a budget and delivers it to the finance department for consideration. The amount of money accorded to them helps her to decide on the methods and tools to be used for the research. One business strategy of the company is to remain competitive. The interview revealed that marketing greatly determines competition. For instance, Catherine cited that the prevailing prices in the market help to place the company at a certain level with its competitors. As she makes her decisions, she has to ensure that they are within the goals that these strategies hope to achieve. She explained to me that competition is important in determining whether the company is making profit or not. It also provides knowledge on what advantage if any, the company has over its competitors and how it can be manipulated to increase profit. Additionally, competition helps in the identifying of possible markets. The marketing manager always has to monitor such matters not only as part of her job description but as a participant in fulfilling the vision of the company. Economic decisions in marketing also have an effect on the future of the company. The company like every other organization puts into consideration its direction in terms of whether it is achieving what it intended. She went further to explain to me the company’s expectations, which include establishing itself as one of the leading beverage companies based on quality of products and market share. Therefore, the company constantly evaluates and reviews its progress through various ways such as conducting market surveys. Again, the marketing department is put under spotlight, as it is important in determining the company’s position in the market. The marketing manager has to give an account of how things are as they are, and mostly they are so because of the decisions she ha made. The future prospects of the company entail how much profit they would have made during a certain period (Hirschey, 632). Both the production and marketing teams are liable for this aspect of the company, as in practically. The production team should ensure quality commodities are made while marketers decide on how best to satisfy their customers and still earn extra money. Tough decisions therefore have to be made and consideration put into the consequences of these decisions. The recruitment of staff to the marketing department is done by human resource department after a prompt from the marketing manager. I had asked if it was within her mandate to make such a decision. According to company policy, anyone recruited to her department had to be interviewed by the marketing manager. Although the sourcing for possible candidate was done by the human resource section, the rest was left to her discretion. This is because she knew the kind of skills she required under her department, as it was an important one in the company. This concluded our interview session and we proceeded to discuss why managerial decisions are crucial to any organization’s success. The information I gathered indicated a relation between these decisions and the business strategies of an organization. Most managers are employed to advance certain business strategies hence each decision they make should reflect this (Sekhar, 14). However, these decisions can only be successful if they are of good quality and have been executed effectively. These decisions help in building trust and confidence in both consumers and employees. If consumers are satisfied with a product, they tend to buy it more, which is advantageous to any company. Employees gain confidence in the company they work for if their managers make good decisions that guarantee stability in the future. Conclusively, the interview helped me to understand my coursework better and gain some knowledge of how things work behind the scenes to make an organization successful. Most of the decisions that managers make are not publicized but they reflect in the consumers’ reaction to their company’s products. The interview was definitely an eye opening experience.

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FDA Approval Procedure Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

FDA Approval Procedure - Assignment Example From this paper it is clear that pre-clinical studies must showcase that the medication will not induce chromosomal damage when consumed in potentially effective doses. The results are filed to the FDA together with the IND (Investigational New Drug) application. Apart from the pre-clinical studies report, the IND application contains the information on pharmacologic properties, the proposal for clinical investigations, and clarification of safety measures for prospective volunteers.This essay discusses that after a drug has survived all the trials, an NDA (New Drug Application) is forwarded to the FDA. According to the 1992 Prescription Drug User Fee Act, standard applications are to be reviewed within the 12-month timeframe. Results on priority applications are usually released within six months. Sometimes, FDA may request to provide minor corrections or labeling adjustments. As soon as the product receives the FDA approval, it is allowed for sail. In case of rejection, the FDA pre sents the reasoning together with a list of recommendations. Certain approvals are given under the condition that further research must be conducted shortly after the initial marketing. For instance, the manufacturer may be requested to assess risks in patients with specific illnesses or to examine the long-term effects.  To conclude, drug approval is a lengthy and costly process that is strictly regulated by the FDA.